The Tough System

The Tough Roof System

The R&S Building's roof strength starts with its expertly engineered truss design, manufactured with sturdy steel gussets to insure uniform construction. For maximum strength trusses are notched into the column and bolted. 2x4 roof purlins are set between the rafters on a 2x2 ledger for greater rigidity assuring you a completely engineered roof 'system' built for heavy snows and winds of the Midwest. The 'heart of the building' is the roof and the TOUGH ROOF SYSTEM is the heart of our building.

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The Tough Bracing System

A good roof system means nothing if the building is not braced properly. Upper Midwest winds and snows have taken their toll on inferior buildings constructed in past years. A carefully engineered diagonal system of braces insures years of building performance. The R&S TOUGH SYSTEM of diagonal corner braces, knee braces and sturdier 2x6 wall nailing girts, makes the building on of the strongest on the market today. The rugged, treated square posts are firmly anchored in the ground with a concrete anchor system 4 feet below grade. Our posts are treated to a .60 compared to most .40 posts. A steel rod is inserted through the post to keep the post from uplifting or settling. Don't settle for less.

The Tough Sliding Door System

Big sliding doors have to be TOUGH to stand up to lots of use and abuse. R&S Buildings feature extra heavy sliding doors in one and two-piece designs. The combination of rugged aluminum side and bottom rails and 2x6 horizontals insures a strong, straight and smooth door operation. The heaviest duty NATIONAL track and hardware is used. All doors are completely metal-clad and pre-finished for a first-class look.

Roofing & Siding Steel Panels

Our high tensile steel and deep ribbed design is rugged, good looking, and practical for maintenance-free, appearance-conscious, commercial, residential, retail, agricultural, and light industrial buildings. The strength and durability of our panels are backed by a generous 45-year limited warranty. A wide selection of panel colors and a crisp profile give your building a very versatile handsome appearance. Full length roof sheets are used on most building widths. Rubber sealers are used to insure a leak-free building.

Pre-finished Metal Trims

The R&S Building features attractive pre-finished metal trims to complete your new building giving it a finished professional look.

A Tough System Wall Section
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